Dutch gov't invests in int'l scholarship program

THE HAGUE, July 15 (Xinhua) -- The Dutch government invests in a scholarship program to attract foreign top students to the Netherlands and to motivate Dutch top students to study abroad, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science announced on Tuesday.

In the forthcoming years annually 1,000 top students receive a scholarship of 5,000 euros (6,800 U.S. dollars) to compensate study costs abroad or for foreign students in the Netherlands.

Half of the costs of the scholarship program will be paid by Dutch educational institutions and half by the Dutch government.

According to the Dutch ministry, international and intercultural skills become increasingly important for students. For many employers, international experience even is a standard demand.

Minister Jet Bussemaker therefore wants international experience to become the norm for all students.

"International experience helps students to become critical and independent thinkers," Bussemaker stated, adding "It will help people to dare to think and speak can bring change through creativity, courage and ambition."



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