Curbing Close Encounters: The Smear Campaign Against Extraterrestrials


This article examines the phenomena of UFO's and the theory that there is a 'smear campaign' to change our perception of ET visitors. Definitely a worthwhile read for those who are interested in the subject.

Hollywood churns out movie after movie about hostile alien invasions. Meanwhile human actions continue to threaten peace on earth. Yet real-life reports suggest ETs are peaceful, spiritual and concerned about humanity’s destructive ways and want to help us. Here we examine if a smear campaign is being orchestrated to block us from receiving their help.
For over a century, works of fiction and entertainment have depicted extraterrestrials (ETs) as hostile, sinister, and violent. Repeated in books, radio broadcasts, television, and film, these depictions have crystallized into a powerful archetype — one that is deeply ingrained in popular culture.
Since the majority of people have had no actual experience with extraterrestrials, these negative depictions have shaped public perceptions of ETs in many ways. Extraterrestrials are most often presented either as something to be feared or as something comically absurd and to be ridiculed. Those who take ETs seriously are generally subject to ridicule themselves.
Where do these negative ideas about ETs come from, and whose interests do they serve? Obviously, earth has never actually been invaded by extraterrestrials, so why do so many works of fiction portray ETs in this way, as if it’s a given fact that they would be hostile? Why is it so little known that many real-life encounters and experiences have shown the opposite — that extraterrestrials are peaceful and spiritually-minded beings?
Few people are aware of the evidence and many compelling reports of encounters with life from other planets. This evidence presents a very different story. If we look at the experiences of those who claim to have had actual contact with ETs, we get a picture of them as benevolent and wise, not cruel and savage. Their actions appear altruistic, and their goal appears to be to save us from our own violent tendencies, rather than conquer and harm us.
Is it possible that those who depict ETs as evil are not merely exploiting them for entertainment but also deliberately cultivating fear and hostility in the subconscious of millions of people?


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