Chinese oppose tuition hikes, demand transparency: survey

Chinese want colleges to reveal their financial situations and oppose tuition hike, a poll by China Youth Daily shows.

About 76.1 percent opposed recent increases in college tuition while 82 percent of survey respondents said students are overcharged and only 0.8 percent thought tuition levels are low.

About 77.7 percent said that colleges should publicize their costs before moving to raise tuition.

Of 2,083 survey respondents about 78.9 percent had already graduated from college, while 8.1 percent are college students and 56 percent of respondents have college students in their families.

In July 2013, China's Ministry of Education lifted a ban on tuition hikes. Since then, a number of provinces, including Shandong, Fujian, Hubei, Guizhou and Guangxi as well as Tianjin Municipality, have raised the standard tuition for public colleges.


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