Cambridge University to reveal the secrets of its famously tough interview process

Cambridge University will let students in on the secrets of their world-famous interview process for the first time in a series of videos set to be released tomorrow.

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube and aim to give prospective students a taste of what will be expected of them, alongside exposing the truth behind the many myths surrounding the famously tough process.

Fortunately, the applicants who appear in the videos have already been accepted into the university. Bravely however, they have volunteered to undergo the process again for the purpose of the films.

All questions asked in the videos are said to be typical of a standard Cambridge interview and as part of the process, the students featured are asked in detail about the subjects that they have applied to.

Two of these candidates, who study Natural Sciences and Medicine, are also seen performing complicated equations in order to win a place on their chosen courses.

Mike Sewell, director of admissions at Cambridge, said: “We are not looking for the perfect performance, but a thoughtful academic response to technical subject-related questions.

“The films will, we hope, take the mystery out of this aspect of our admissions process and reassure students about what interviews involve.”

The videos will be available on YouTube.

(Source: Independent.co.uk)


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