98% Of your body cells are NON-HUMAN Cells What this 2% is..

By Madalina Petrusel
Nutritional Therapist, SAM Daily Times

98% Of your body cells are NON-HUMAN Cells 

98% percent of our body cells are non human cells .So … what does this mean ? well , first we must define what this 2% is , the human cell . According to the medical Dictionary   "Definition of CellCell: The basic structural and functional unit of any living thing. Each cell is a small container of chemicals and water wrapped in a membrane. There are 100 trillion cells in a human, and each contains all of the genetic information necessary to manufacture a human being."

So what is this 98% 
This 98 percent is Biotic life , or as most it is mentioned in the media , good bacteria . Good bacteria , is present anywhere you look in the body , from your skin to your intestines we are covered with protective , symbiotic bacteria . 
What does this mean ? ….
 Well , this good wild bacteria feeds off our waste produces from the skin whilst providing protection and prevents pathogens and microbes that are parasitic ( bugs and viruses that are bad for us ) from high jacking the show. 
What happens if I'm not wild enough ? 
If you don't have enough of this wildlife growing in and around you you may present with
- Low immunity , so catching viruses when they are going around 
-Some hay fever and asthma is also caused by that .
-Skin sensitivities and dust allergies etc. 
- Rhinitis ( runny nose )
- sore thought 
-Digestion issues 
- poor nourishment of the body 
- Gut issues and Gaps ( Autistic spectrum ) 

AND MANY MANY MORE .Pathologists can trace most accruing deceases to some kind of immune deficiency or nutrients and mineral deficiency . Without the right foods the good bacteria cannot thrive , therefore numbers in bacteria decrease leaving us exposed and venerable to parasites .
Things that kill 98% of you . (potentially more ) 
-Sugar !!! one teaspoon hinders immunity for 4 hours , imagine what a 13 teaspoon can on pop will do .someone that has one every other day is technically leaving themselves always exposed. 
- Drugs . Wether its illegal and pharmaceutical . Those on prolonged or permanent medication are causing themselves serious risks and predispositions to a lot of there health concern. In todays day and age we have so many options , I would seriously consider getting informed and perusing other forms of treatment and most time natural therapies are able to go one better and send serious chronic deceases into complete remission ( we cannot use the word cure for reasons of law but remission is to expel all symptoms and correcting the incorrect physiological assurance . 
- Acidity ! High intake of alcohol , meat , dairy , wheat , processed foods , processed and simple carbohydrates . 
There are probably many more but those are the main factors . 
Feed your wild side 
This section is not what you would expect! 
Studies have done that show evidence against the main stream advertisement .  For example , Probiotic yogurts , drinks etc. 
They put two groups of cowboys in bacteria filled work environments on a ranch .Feeding on group prebiotic yogurts and the other leafy green and fruit ,also know as Prebiotics . 
Over a week they found that the Yogurt made little to no difference , but the leafy greens and vegetables made good bacteria rise by a factor of 10 million per count area . 
IN contrary to the media , it is actually proven that lactose is not made to be digested in the human system after 6 months .Lactase that digests lactose stops producing in most humans after the 6 months mark those who carry on is a genetic mutation . 
Prebiotics :
Granny smith apples 
spirulina, chorella, and blue-green algae
Raw Chicory root: 64.6% prebiotic fiber by weight
  • Raw Jerusalem artichoke: 31.5% prebiotics by weight(NOTE: Jerusalem artichoke is Not the green globe artichoke you see at the store. It’s a totally different plant.)
  • Raw Dandelion greens: 24.3% prebiotic fiber by weight
  • Raw Garlic: 17.5% prebiotics by weight
  • Raw Leek: 11.7% prebiotic fiber by weight
  • Raw Onion: 8.6% prebiotics by weight
  • Cooked Onion: 5% prebiotic fiber by weight


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