Was Apple’s iPhone 6 no show expected?

As the dust settles on Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference keynote speech, the world has been left somewhat flummoxed.

For the industry is embroiled in debating what the tech giant didn’t unveil, rather than what it did.
Led by CEO Tim Cook, Cupertino directed its address at software only, meaning no new iPhone 6, no new Apple TV and no new iWatch.
History did suggest that the company may have revealed its latest flagship device during the address, following the iPhone 4 announcement at WWDC in 2010, but based on the flood of leaks and rumours regarding the next generation smartphone, it was always going to be unlikely.
Speculation regarding an announcement reached fever pitch before the event, with the device allegedly spotted during WWDC preparations, as claimed by a French website:
While the first image offers no indication whether the device was the front of an iPhone 6 or indeed an iPhone 5S, this highlighting the rear of the device showed it to be unlike any other iPhone currently on the market – hence the speculation.
That said, it’s easy to see why some believe the video to be a fake, and given the lack of hardware coverage during the speech, it is probably the case.
Rumoured to be released on the third Friday of September, consistent with previous Apple launches, the iPhone 6 is expected to come in two forms – offering both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen displays.
But the question on everyone’s lips remains… when will we see it?
When will Apple unveil the iPhone 6? 


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