This Town Has Been Living Under a Rock for Thousands of Years -- Literally

We've all been asked once or twice if we've spent our lives living under a rock (hey, I spent a solid decade without cable television), but the residents of a very strange town in Spain have the luxury of truthfully answering "yes" to that question.

Setenil de las Bodegas, a town with about three thousand inhabitants, is quite literally built beneath a giant hunk of rock. Now, you might not automatically think that a Flintstones-style home might make a practical living space, but according to researchers, man has been living in the natural caves of Setenil since pre-historic times. As it turns out, rock is pretty hard to destroy when your rowdy neighbors come to attack you, and that's exactly how the town got it's name, which translates roughly to "seven times nothing," as in "it took the Christians seven different sieges before Setenil finally fell."
Today, the town is known for having world-class bars and restaurants, as well as a thriving population of local artisans known for their incredible winemaking, olive oil, jam, and honey. At any given time, you're bound to find the town's many markets and cafes bustling with tourists.


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