Summer sessions: Smoove and Turrell exclusive mix

Smoove and Turrell have put together this road trip-inspired selection of northern soul, funk and hip hop as part of our series of mix tapes to get you in the mood for a summer of partying

Captured in literature, cinema and song, the road trip will always be – for many of us at least – the definitive travelling fantasy. And for Geordie boys Smoove and Turrell, who have made a name for themselves with their buzzy, danceable, contemporary northern soul compositions, the only time they really get to travel is when they are on the road with their band.

"Unfortunately, we don't really get to take many holidays," they explain. "As being in a band on tour is looked upon as a constant holiday in itself!"

The inspiration for this mix, that should get your fingers tapping on the steering wheel, comes from being on the road. It features an eclectic mix of music, taking in the musical tastes of all their band members, including Kool Blues – a mash up they did themselves using the acapella from Kool G Rap's Ill Street Blues: "A track that really gets everybody's heads nodding at the start of a car journey," and Le Pamplemousse Gimme What You Got, which made it into the mix after being overheard playing over the speakers in a service station on the A1.
As for their standout track on the mix, the prize goes to Gregory Porter's song 1960 What?, which "became a Smoove & Turrell theme tune in our tour bus last year".


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