New Zealand: Boys' schools win in study

Boys who attend single-sex schools are more likely to leave with higher qualifications than their male counterparts at co-educational schools, according to new research.

In what will be more fuel to the long-running debate, the research has been held up by boys' schools as proof that they can offer something special.

The report was carried out by the respected NZ Council for Education Research (NZCER) for the Association of Boys' Schools of NZ.

Its analysis from 2010 to 2012 showed school leavers from state boys' secondary schools had higher qualifications than their male counterparts who attended state co-educational schools.

Because more of the 43 boys' schools drew students with wealthier backgrounds than the 225 co-ed schools, a comparison according to decile level was also carried out.

It found that across decile groupings the percentage of all school leavers who achieved at least NCEA Level 2 was 7 to 12 per cent higher at the single-sex schools.

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