Herb kills 98% of cancer cells in 16 Hours

By Madalina Petrusel
Nutritional Therapist, SAM Daily Times

A derivative of wormwood plant used in Chinese medicine , Artemissia Annua can kill 98 % of breast cancer cells in under 16 hours ! Just the herb on its own reduces cancer cells by 28% but when you combine it with Iron, Artemissia Annua also knows as sweet wormwood , almost completely wipes out cancer cells !

And the best news is, the Normal cells are not negatively impacted by this  treatment, unlike many other cancer treatment. Artemissia was originally used as a very strong anti malaria herb .Iron accumulates in cancer cells because of special receptors that are mainly responsible for their cell division called transferring receptors , normal cells have them too, but not in the same quantity .This is why the cells can be targeted trough the iron and it creates a more direct pathway for the Artemissia !

Though this herb and many other things that spring to mind are effective in pushing cancer out of the body , what I really think needs to be addressed is what causes cancer in the first place.This is because if it happened once because of your lifestyle and choices , chances are it will happen again !

And it is true 1 statistics show that most often cancer reoccurs . Cancer patients have cancer multiple times !

SO …

Why do we get cancer ?

Epi­genetics now shows that not even genetic disposition cannot cause a person to get cancer so to speak directly ! Yes it is a genetic weakness passed on in DNA but it is now proven that DNA can and is rewritten by light code. Are genetics are impacted every second of every day by our environment , what we eat , think ,drink and breath . All of these things are what determine the conditions of your body .Even if you are the cleanest eating,drinking and exercising person , a negative mind state can put you into a state of pathology ! 

YES! YOU CAN THINK YOURSELF SICK! A new field of science called PNI (Psycho Neuro endocrinological Immunology) has proven this and studies it intensively !

Guru's have been preaching this for years ! In order to Heal your body you must Heal your life ! Healthy, holistic , informed , psychosocial well nourished mind and bodies will very rarely( and not yet seen by me or any other professional i am aware of ) get Ill . 

Yes none of us are perfect . We all have something slightly out of tune , but as long as we are aware and are always working towards bettering ourselves, we have nothing to worry about .


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