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 ''' ''Sweet Dreams And Silly Nightmares​''

STUDENT Ehsan Khaleel,  Sarhad University-  took a long, long time to accept that  ''A better world starts right here,''  at :  Sam Daily Times.  -the Voice of the Voiceless.

At Sam Daily Times, he learnt  ''collaborative and organizational processes'',  just as he learnt patience, sacrifice, and selfless serving. 

Ehsan Khaleel is now a leading content contributor at Sam Daily Times with an eye on multi-national work as Telecom Engineer. 

Madalina Petrusel,   -Romania and UK-   wrote us a very beautiful email. In the days ahead, I will have the delight to quote bits and pieces from it, and then share it with you all.

For now, I invite her to the  ''International Page''  of Sam Daily Times, so that we, as well as the rest of the world,  -all could relish her articles on MedicalHacks. 

Not so long ago, when Sam Daily Times set sail, it was by far the most difficult of times,  ''''when nothing, absolutely nothing but hope and virtue could survive''''. 

This wise quote, I have the honour to have picked from President Barrack Obama's inauguration speech. But it is so very true in the context of our very own existence.  

Damn snake eyes!  -Everyday I walk the talk. Screaming and Cajoling for and on behalf of The King : The Content. More specifically : Quality Content.

Rabo, Dee, Mariam, Ali, Haleema,  Hussain, Haider, Ehsen, Aneela, Paras, Sorat,  receive the blunt end of my endless tirade.I keep encouraging and pushing for BreakingViews. I keep battling to overcome Sam-sceptics. The High Price may be worth it in every success deal.

The far reaching economic impact, justice impact, opportunity impact, dignity impact  -of any stumble, could be dire.

Many things worry me. Many things drive me late into the night. But if asked to name just one main one, I would narrate what Jimmy Soni, -the Managing Editor of Huffington Post  -who is of Indian descent,said.

He said that the main desire for Huff Post to expand in India was driven by the American readers. Jimmy Soni will soon be stepping down from his position to introduce Huffington Post India.

The recent explosion of interest in Eastern spirituality, and things like yoga and meditation as ways to unplug and recharge, mean more interest in reading about India.

BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post already run a handful of country-specific sites similar to their American equivalents. In addition to India, Buzzfeed plans to expand in the near future into India, Germany, Mexico and Japan, and introduced its -Australian page in January.

The Huffington Post will be opening a Greece-specific site and an Arabic edition this year, too. Thirty percent of Buzzfeed's readership is outside the United States, compared with 40% of Quartz's and the Hiffington Post's.

In the lead-up to the opening of Quartz's India site, the company's main site has increased it's coverage of India, which is generally short, data-driven analysis of political and economic developments- 

With catchy headlines like ''Why Silicon Valley Has a Stake in India's Elections?'' 

''Lots of business news treat places like India as if they're on the sidelines,'' said S. Mitra Kalita, Quartz's idea Editor based in New York. ''Indian readers don't want to be pigeonholed  -they want to read about Bill Gates just as much as-

They want to read about Narendra Modi, or for that matter, pieces on management skills or juggling work and family.''

BuzzFeed, too, has already producing its hallmark  ''listicles''  on Indian culture. But Scott Lamb, the company's vice president for international operations, said that until there was a team on the ground in India, content would naturally remain more general interest.

BuzzFeed's India office will be located in Mumbai and led by Rega Jha, and will have about four or five other journalists. Mr.Lamb said Mumbai was chosen over Delhi because BuzzFeed sees the world as  ''comprised of cultural capitals where there's a special mix of:

Art, film, fashion, TV and design, ''and that for the company's target audience, ''knowing what's going on in popular culture is a pastime.''

Both Huffington Post and Quartz India point toward  ''native advertising'' as perhaps the most practical way of making money in the industry.

''Native advertising,'' which is made to look like an article, could even be attractive to Indian readers who are used to having to click through ad after ad simply to reach articles on Indian news websites. 

Quartz India has already agreed to a deal with General Electric to be a launch partner, and everybody opines that this year's sudden maturation in the digital media market would prompt a tide of revenue to help all news sites.

But at Sam Daily Times, we hope to never rest on our laurels. 

''What we're doing is building a great quality audience, for the students and the advertisers. And better still we're training the next generation of:

Heroes and Journalists in the meantime.''

Our progress maybe slow, halting and even erratic, but the overall motion is forward. This is an area where we're going to need patience and persistence. We can and will succeed in building the greatest newspaper the world will ever know.

Just imagine, Just comprehend,  that in not too distant a future  '' when over  238 countries have their own direct access/password,'' ;  and  every single day, display their content on their own page.

This fact alone should drive every single newspaper in the world, just off the ledge and into the black void

'''' OK, everybody  -enough of that. Let's get back to work! ''''

With respectful dedication to the Students and readers of Sam Daily times in the whole wide world. See Ya all on  !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' World's Dilemma No : 1 '''

Good Night & God Bless!

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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