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''In modern city life, it has been said that the secular ritual of reading a newspaper replaces the morning prayer.'' 

Stunning words these,  that many attribute to Philosopher Immanuel Kant. So, let me just enumerate this quote-content:

In the three months after its introduction this January, a million unique users visited   Scroll.in,  more than half of them using Internet-enabled handheld devices. Advertisers are beginning to line up and an app is a few months away.

Early next month,  Scroll.in, in partnership with  Quartz, the  two-year old online business news property owned by the Atlantic Media Company, will introduce Quartz India, Quartz's first country-specific site.

BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post both plan to open offices in India this year. And The Guardian is studying the potential of a country-focused site. India obviously has a '' huge potential. ''

!WOW! and  -Sam Daily times and the students of the world, need to wake up to all these happenings  And now back to the !WOW! equation:   

BECAUSE it is such a pleasure to work with, Medium has become something of a fetish object for the writers. In the past year, Medium has published the biographer Walter Isaacson, the author:

Emily Gould, the journalist Ben Smith. the entrepreneur Elon Musk and many, many others.

Some of them have been paid, but most have not. Medium initially commissioned work from professional writers to make sure a wide range of topics was represented, and to prevent the site from becoming a ghetto of:

Internet-oriented early adopters who wrote odes to coding. Now, though, more than 95 percent of the  1,000  to  1,200 posts a day come from nonprofessionals.

''We want to create a system where the best ideas and reach their widest audience.'' Mr Williams states.  ''Some of those are going to come from professionals, but it better as a whole if it has a very wide breath of content.

Right now, the Internet rewards speed and quantity, and we wanted to make a place where quality matters.''

Medium now tracks as a kind of on-line magazine, a place for stories that features a mix of long and short, funny and serious, dummy and remarkable.

''We want to be place that is colonized early by good writing and thinking,'' said Evan Hansen, a senior editor at Medium, who previously worked at Wired.

Medium also scans as a blend of Blogger, where anybody could write, and Twitter, which is a Network and distribution platform for content that appears elsewhere.

The business part of it still a long way off. Perhaps because of that, Biz stone, a founder of Twitter who also helped start Medium, has been concentrating on  Jelly, a next generation search engine 

Mr Wiiliams has the money to invest in Medium  -after  Twitters's  public offering, he is reportedly worth more than  $2billion   -and although he has taken $25million  in funding from some  A-list investors, he is no rush.

Some parts of the site could eventually operate under a subscription model, or brands could pay to publish there, but that will be determined down the road.

Although he has never said so, Mr Williams is putting good tools out into the world and letting the users decide what the product is. The strategy worked out O.K. for twitter.

Still at a time when more and more words are coming from more and more sources, it is difficult and expensive to gain attention. Medium which doesn't emphasize writing about celebrities, sports or gossip-

Will be fighting for mindshare without those clicky attractions. Mr Williams reveres magazine like the The New Yorker and The Atlantic, and does not seem to care that that building an audience without listicles and LOLcats is hard.

''It turns out that the Internet, like every other technology, doesn't trend toward good or bad. It is just a convenience machine for what people want,'' he said. 

''Television was going to make us all  better people, smarter and better educated, but people ended up sitting back and watching sitcoms. We want to create something that reward other things that have more lasting value.''

I've always been struck by how digital disrupters  care deeply about the quality of content that lives online. Even as they helped destroy the business model of traditional publishing:

Steve Jobs of Apple, Eric Schmidt of Google and Craig Newmark of Craiglist were always harping on the importance of offering significant content that would enlighten readers.

Mr Williams is no different in that regard. Raised in a tiny town in Nebraska, he was fascinated that the Web would allow someone like him to make his thoughts
known to a wider audience.

He just started typing and has been ever since. But in the process he has made a sterling contribution to, -and in that sense, content system management to destiny.

With respectful  dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

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