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NEWSpaper is everywhere the world over. So, it is in Pakistan, India, Sirilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal and  on and on one goes.....

In this part of the world, every country's vernacular press, has continued to rise. At breakfast tea joints, people sip  chai  and unfold their broad sheets-

Which they lay out over older newspapers, used as tablecloths, before reaching for a buttered bun, samosas, or  parathas  packed in makeshift  to-go bags. 

So, while the entire world inches forward to move from print to digital  -and Western media outlets want to be at the forefront of readers switch to online-

Sam Daily Times, the life glow of   !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless, stops to ponder and reflect. And decides that it will strive to  'crown-lead'   every effort.

O'' World, -All hands on deck. Ready when you are!

EVAN WILLIAMS  -is one hell of a thinker!  And the master is at it again. Mr Williams is sitting in an office here, writes the author,  a mile up the road from Twitter,  where he is the founder and still a board member, working now:

On a  Medium,  an amorphous sounding company that could most easily be one more curio  of the Internet age or might, just might:

'''' ~End up taking over the whole world ¬''''.  Well, I think I had better get Mr Evan Williams to get acquainted with !WOW!  Let's see if we can beat him to the draw!

Frankly, It's hard to tell from talking to Mr. Williams. He is plenty thoughtful, but unlike so many other people I spent time with in San Francisco last week, he's not a big talker. He loves text, he loves code and loves typing. 

Pakistani Students Faizan Raza, FAST University, and Shahzaib Khan, U.S., Mustafa and Ahsen, LUMS -Lahore University of Management Sciences,  to copy.

When he stepped aside as chief executive of Twitter in 2010, Mr Williams wanted to get back into  Blogging  he found the tools creaky, creaky and insufficient. His is not an uniformed opinion.

Before he started  Twitter  he developed and sold the blogging software Blogger to Google. His entire career has been built on creating tools that let people make their thoughts public.

''It feels like these blogging tools haven't really evolved in a decade,'' he said. ''When I looked at that, I thought, 'Do I really want to get into this again? Am I just stuck in a rut?' I did some investing and incubating, but came back around to this as what I wanted to do.''

So, in 2012, he started  Medium, a place where stories are made and read. It's a blogging platform,  and anyone can contribute, with a writing on all manner of topics.

The posts that gain attention, often on Twitter, are displayed prominently and gain more traction  as readers and contributors weigh in. 

''This mind you, for the sake of the record, was also first conceived at Sam daily Times, way, way back.  Sob!........ Sob!...... For Mariam, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Hussain, Ali, Vishnu, Sarah, Saima, Haider, Aqsa, Talat, Paras, Sorat................!

The design is responsive, meaning that no matter what you're reading on  -phone, tablet, or computer  -it always looks ever so pretty.

To begin with, he and his colleagues came up with a great typewriter for the web. Sitting behind all the work you see on the Internet are so-called content management systems.

It's plumbing, boring, really, but sites like  Five-ThirtyEight and Vox.com are building something interesting because they have great innovative tools. 

Not to go all nerdy on it   -well, a little   -but better content production tools often lead to better content. And  Medium  is gorgeous and easy. What you see is what you get, meaning you can see what you make as you make it.

Photos drop in simply, and text is easily managed, with lots of white space framing the work.

The writing tool is intuitive enough to seem psychic. Just when you are searching for some kind of function, it pops up out of the background. 

Medium's most important feature may be all the stuff it leaves out, including endless options for sizing text or positioning pictures.

So much for that, (till the next following post)  -but I now return to enumerate !WOW!'s one ''conceptual equation''  for the students of the world. 
WITH  educating rates growing as they are, and with the fact that most of the economies of the world will  double-triple-quadruple  in the next  10  years ahead, interest in:

"What is going on in any particular country is going to become  more and more from inside and  out.''    Mark my words!

What this then means is  that :  ''It's not about creating Sam Daily Times in America or Britain or Sweden or China or Australia or Japan or Germany or India or Syria or Iraq or Saudi Arabia but rather:  

Creating an American or British or Pakistani or Indian or Swedish :  Sam Daily Times.

Keeping in sync and in harmony with the needs of the students the world over is all about sacrifice, duty and of course, great blessed honour.

'''' ¬Great things must be attempted. And Great things must be done~ ''''

But that is for !WOW!   -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless to debate and decide.

The Honour and Serving of the Post continues. Don't miss the next one:

With respectful dedication to the  ''Courage-Honour-Unity''  of  all the Students of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!:

''' ! !WOWing ! ''' 

Good Night & God Bless!

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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