Fact or Fiction/ Artificial Sweeteners Vs Natural

By Madalina Petrusel
Nutritional Therapist, SAM Daily Times

Fact or Fiction ? 
Artificial Sweeteners Vs Natural

A majority of the modern worlds population is now consuming artificial sweetener. Diet coke ,Diet pepsi , Protein shakes , Chowing gum, energy drinks , they even buy a tub and use it in cakes , tea coffee etc.There are many more products on the market that involve artificial sweeteners , but the biggest Encourager has to be todays weight loss companies such as weight watchers , slimming world and any other brand of sort.. What they are promoting is that products containing this as a substitute for sugar is totally permited on there diets without hindering their weight loss and progress. As where other Deserts snacks or even meals can add points on or in slimming world turms considered a or more syns.

This concept has got me to study further into the Topic as I found it intriguing that on their watch drinking 2 L of died coke was less harmful than a banana . Yes . a banana . The nutrient dense food that contains potassium , tryptophan ( helps overcome depression ), bananas reduce psm craps muscle pains ,strengthens the nervous system and is rich in B6. But for some reason they decided this was more damaging than ENDLESS diet coke , protein shakes and artificial sweets .

THE NAKED TRUTH is that artificial sweeteners taste sweet to the receptors on the tongue but do not effect the blood sugar levels anywhere near as bad as cane sugars . Making dieting easyer and dying ! Yes DYING

THE FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have band the most commonly known artificial sweetener not 1 not 2 but 3 Times . Somehow It keeps finding its way into the main food supply . In May 2014 this has gone up to review again! Aspartame is the word on every poison control monitors lips and on the labels of diet produce across the EU.

But what does Aspartame Do ?

Dr .Joseph Mercola states " Aspartame is, by Far, the Most Dangerous Substance on the Market that is Added To Foods" . And personally I agree. Here is a chart of the recorded complaints related to aspartame the first time The FDA conducted a survey on the effected costumers.

If you feel like conducting a fun experiment …..

1 .
Google aspartame and and here the nationwide loving words about it . ( as far found by me 0 , complaints and warning ,I have lost track .)

2. Take a aspartame containing sweet place in the pathway of some ants and watch them avoid it like the plague !

Its not worth the health risks.

Matter of these facts are , are body is not equipped to digest artificial things as we ourselves are not artificial, its like trying to fix a plane with a paperclip . Its a totally different ball game ! Wherever you see man synthesised food of any sorts ESPECIALLY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS AND GMO's you are in for more than just a big risk but a guaranteed catastrophe .

Believe it or not boys and girls there are a lot of things on out beautiful planet now a days that were created for PROFIT and it has corrupted the ways we nutrition our bodies and derived us from being healthy and leading a happy like ! Belive it or not health and happiness go head in hand Bitterness is associated with the liver PNI ( a new field in science) has proven this . Even though I could talk about this for hours , I will return to this is later reports !

Here comes the GOOD NEWS 

Yes , you can still enjoy sweet treat that don't sky rocket your blood sugar levels or try to send you into a state of illness !

It is also very simple , I don't even need to write paragraphs on cutting down or denying yourself that endorphin fix when you need it .

The secret is xylitol ! It is a natural sugar made from plums , same sweetness same taste same high , only the consequences of consumption differ ! 9 spoons of Xylitol is the equivalent to 1 of sugar in the blood stream ! You can have 9 times as much sweet with the effect of only one !

And still keep healthy and a full head of hair , and live your life wholeheartedly without any chest pains !

Futuristic minds have already come up with alternative Ideas !


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