Ann B. Davis as Alice on The Brady Bunch Through Four Decades

Here's to you, Alice. Ann B. Davis, who will always be known as The Brady Bunch housekeeper Alice Nelson, passed away at the age of 88. Davis was already a TV star and Emmy winner before joining the beloved sitcom, and as Alice she became as much America's mother as Carol Brady (Florence Henderson).

Davis got her start in the 1950s on The Bob Cummings Show—she won two Emmys for playing Charmine Schultz on the series—before hitting the big screen and doing several guest star parts. In 1969 The Brady Bunch debuted and the rest, well, it's TV history. Davis went on to play Alice Nelson in four different decades, reprising the role for projects such as The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, The Brady Brides, The Bradys and even in other sitcoms such as Day by Day and Hi Honey, I'm Home.

Davis appeared in The Brady Bunch Movie in 1995 as a trucker who picks up the movie version of Jan Brady.

Davis' contribution to pop culture will never be forgotten, even if she didn't know how to really make a meatloaf as Barry Williams recently revealed on Today. Davis and Alice Nelson are American icons.

Take a look back at Davis as Alice through the years.Ann B. Davis passes away at the age of 88


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