Oromo: Hunger Strikes To Protest Killings Of Student Protesters

The killing of 30 students during the Oromo protests has sparked international outrage. A three-day-hunger-strike has been staged in front of the Minnesotan State Capitol building in the USA.

Oromos and Friends of Oromo in Minnesota have started a Hunger-Strike in solidarity with the demands of #OromoProtests and for justice for the Oromo students and civilians massacred by the Agazi Special Forces of the Ethiopian TPLF regime. The Hunger-Strike is expected to last from May 9, 2014 to May 12, 2014, and will be in front of the Minnesotan State Capitol.

The hunger-strike is one means to stop the aggression of TPLF on Oromiyaa and the Oromo people.

The Addis Ababa Master Plan is the aggression of TPLF on Oromiyaa. Using “development” as a pretext, the TPLF Ethiopian regime is planning to divide Oromiyaa into two: West Oromia and East Oromia, and to dispossess Oromo farmers of their land (and also their cultural and linguistic heritage) in Central Oromiyaa for the expanding Habesha-controlled Addis Ababa.

TPLF’s aggression against the Oromo people reached its maximum height when it gunned down more than 50 students and civilians who were nonviolently protesting against the Addis Ababa Master Plan. The injustice that TPLF has instituted in Oromiyaa to silence, kill, intimidate, harass, and imprison the best and brightest (i.e. the young population) of the Oromo people must be stopped. The Oromo nation can no longer go on in this state of affairs where young Oromos are hunted like animals, and either get killed or put in prison. The TPLF aggression must be stopped by all nonviolent means possible.


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