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Soft music, vocals, melody, pretty cinematography and the moving image of a little girl-child from rural Sindh clutching her doll on her journey to school. Whether or not you understand the Sindhi language, this song’s video will strike a chord. Meena, the latest offering of the Jamshoro-based Sindhi band The Sketches, brings forth the issue of education for the girl-child as well as peace and harmony in a soft package that will tug at the heart strings of viewers
This is the band behind the Lahooti Music Aashram, the first ever formal music school in Jamshoro and Hyderabad. The band became famous via Coke Studio 4 with the song Mand Waai.
It is encouraging that a song sung in a regional language is inspiring interest and making viewers think about the plight of the child who both wants, and deserves an education, but finds an empty ghost school staring back at her when she and her doll reach school. However, this sadness is coupled with hope at the end. This child grows up to be a teacher in the same school, teaching other little girls like her. One would hope that Sindhi language channels, as well as mainstream prime channels, will give this song its due acknowledgement.
With some 5.5 million Pakistani children out of school, according to the latest UNESCO report, Pakistan has the second highest number in the world for out of school children.
Reviews of people are positive for both; Meena And The Sketches.
Munawwar from Islamabad says, “ The Sketches has once again proved to be the marvelous sufi music band of Pakistan having with very crystal and clear objectives to bring pluralism, women-empowerment, peace and tolerance in the society through music.”
“Meena” song is such a brilliant addition in the right direction.
Another friend of mine Sophie says, “ This band is indeed a breath of fresh air in a country that seems to be going down each passing day. I don’t understand a lot of complex Sindhi language but have always taken an interest in and love all the Sketches’ songs; their work has always been incredibly melodious. And there is very unique sweetness and almost magic like quality to the lead vocalist, Saif Samejo’s voice that elevates any song way above what much of the competition currently offers.”
The band deserves kudos for highlighting the importance of girls’ education And Pluralism.

Sindhi language and music stemming from the culture of Mehran already have an advantage when it comes to mysticism and spirituality. The message of peace thus comes naturally to them. It is also interesting to note that the message is coming from a province, the inherent history and culture of which boasts of harmony and peaceful co-existence. Thus, The Sketches have drawn upon the province’s inherent reservoir that brims with the message of peace.
Source: Tribune


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