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THE RULING LAST TUESDAY by Europe's highest court that Google can be forced to remove links from certain searches will be carried out by data privacy regulators at  28  agencies across European Union.

But the court gave the agencies little guidance in applying the ruling, and they are likely to interpret it in different ways. That means people in different European countries could receive different treatment, which could lead to  jurisdictional shopping.

''The European Court of Justice is sending a strong message in this case,'' said Peter Hustinx, the European data protection supervisor. ''It's now up the countries to provide consistency in how it's interpreted.''

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To accomplish the virtual mirror effect,  the L'Oreal app had to be intuitive enough to distinguish between, say, the-

Skin of lips, cheeks and other facial features. Developers said they tested lip, eye and cheek products on hundreds of people of numerous ethnicities in 400 different lighting conditions-

And conducted extensive studies, including how a product dries on the skin. The company would not say how much money it had invested in the effort.

''While we provided the facial mapping technology, working with L'Oreal to ensure what consumers ultimately see in the app  -in terms of colour, texture, capacity, shine and overall look- that was tremendous,'' said Ron Ryder, the chief executive of Image Metrics.

The app is the first major project to come out of a high-tech incubator that the beauty company opened a year and half ago in suburban office building in Clark,N.J., about 30 minutes outside, New York City.

There, a team of Ph.D's, physicists, computer scientists and others is working to help the company develop high-tech relationships with the consumer in a field that doesn't naturally lend itself to connectivity.

''The reason why we started it is we see the beauty consumer has changed, in terms of what they actually want in a product and an experience,'' said Guive Balooch, global director of the company's Connected Beauty Incubator, who has a Ph.D in-

Biomedical engineering  and came to L'Oreal from the pharmaceutical field. ''We are moving more and more toward service, personalization, toward customization.''

Though L'Oreal plans to unveil the Makeup Genius app any day in New York and Cannes, France, during the annual Cannes Film Festival, it won't be, available to consumers until June, and the first phase will not be available on. Android devices. Products won't be for sale on the app itself -at least not yet.

So, at a conference in Berlin on Tuesday, regulators from three countries in the union  -the Netherlands, Ireland and Britain  -as well as officials from the union offered different views of how the law might might be applied.

The Dutch, for example, suggested that would look carefully at the court's language in interpreting the ruling, while others said they would decide more on a case-by-case basis.

How regulators will interpret the ruling is just one of many questions that have left the lawyers and technology experts in Europe scratching their heads over the decision.

Another issue is whether  non-Europeans  could petition European regulator's to have links to their personal histories removed. Yet another is what kind of obligation Google or other search engines might have in responding to requests to remove links.

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