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THE CYBER-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is rising. It is as good or bad time as any  to reflect!  And Hey, hey------------Should we worry!?

IN 2012,  Mr Sameer Bhalotra found himself in rising demand. On leaving his job as senior cyber-security official at the White House:

He was hired as the Chief Operating Officer of  Impermium, a cyber-security start-up. And then, just later, Mr Bhalotra also joined the advisory board of Damballa:

Which offers software to speed up companies responses to attacks on their networks. He was even then considering taking on more advisory positions soon.  

'' AT BOOZ ALLEN, we're shaping the future of the cyber-security,''  trumpets a recruiting message on the website of Booz Allen Hamilton, a top class consulting and technology firm.

It is hard to argue with that blurb right now. Edward Snowden, the man who revealed he was responsible for leaks about surveillance of American citizens by the National Security Agency, was a contractor for Booz Allen.

That has turned a spotlight on the extensive involvement of private firms in helping America's spooks do their jobs. The affair could lead to changes in the way these relationships work.

As a result of the leaks, politicians are likely to debate the pros and cons of outsourcing sensitive work monitoring online communications and security threats to firms such as Booz Allen, which has close links to the intelligence establishment.

Many of its more than  25,000  employees have some form of government security clearance and Mike McConnell, who heads its fast growing cyber-security business, is a former director of National Intelligence. 

The current director, James Clapper, is a former Booz Allen executive.

But while Booz Allen has hogged the headlines, much to the chagrin of its leaders, a broader trend has gone largely unremarked.

A number of high-ranking cyber security experts from places such as the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the White House have left government in recent years and- 

Are now working in various capacities for specialist consulting firms or start-ups offering security technology and services.

Anecdotal evidence suggests this exodus of talent is increasing. Peter Metzger, a headhunter at CTPartners in Washington,DC, whose work includes hiring cyber-security officials for companies, says :  

''The number of such assignments has doubled in the past 12 months''.

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