Eight ways for students to seize summer - without breaking the bank

Finished exams, long summer ahead and so much you’d like to squeeze in? There’s one problem, money. Students are renowned for being skint, but luckily there are so many ways of travelling and making the most of your summer without breaking the bank!

Who said the UK can’t be fun?

Just think of all those friends you’ve made at university who live scattered about this magnificent country. Not only can you experience a new place with a personal, free tour guide, but you can also get free accommodation! You can spend the whole summer wandering about with friends – a great way to go on holiday and keep in touch!

Explore your own home town

Have you ever spoken to a foreigner who has visited your hometown and been to way more of the tourist sights than you ever have? We often take for granted what is right there on our doorstep – and the sights can often be free! Visiting a park or going to a beach, people have travelled the globe to see these things and we just ignore them! This way, you can gain knowledge and there are no costs for travel or accommodation. It’s a win-win situation!

Turn cookies OFF!

No, I don’t mean those double chocolate chip cookies you bought from Tesco; I mean the cookies on your computer. When surfing the Internet, especially when looking at prices of flights and holidays, the websites remember if you’ve come back to visit their page again and often put the prices up as they think you’re more likely to buy. If you are going abroad, this is definitely something to bear in mind.

Groupon, Groupon, Groupon

Did I say Groupon? This website is a national business where every day new discount vouchers for getaway breaks and holidays abroad are put online. Often with discounts of over 50 per cent, how can you refuse? Be aware to check where flights are leaving from, but if it suits your plans, who doesn’t love a bargain?


Money is often a driving force for students as it is much needed, but often the experience is equally important. With The Commonwealth Games happening in Glasgow this summer there are thousands of both volunteering and aid opportunities. Visit an amazing city, meet amazing people and gain invaluable experience, which will look amazing on your CV? Yes, yes, yes!

You could revise?

I know, boring right? But just think, if you can keep ahead of your studies over the holidays you’ll be able to enjoy next year more! If you’re an arts student, read any books you can that will free up time next year, or you can simply go over what you’ve already learnt to keep it fresh in your mind. Dull, but it will make next year so much more enjoyable and stress free.

Go in a group

If you’re going abroad, self-catering apartments are always cheaper – and if you go in a big group they can work out relatively affordable. If you’re going on a girls’ holiday or a guys’ holiday, pack yourselves into an apartment and get out there and enjoy yourselves. Let’s face it, you aren’t going for amazing interior d├ęcor, you’re going to have a great time with friends, so why break the bank for your accommodation?

Family abroad?

If you have family or friends who live at different corners of the globe, why not go and rekindle your friendship and see a new place? Like I mentioned earlier, it’s always good to have a local to guide you about, and it’s a great way of getting a real feel for a place and not a touristy one.

So, whatever you decide to do this summer, don’t feel as though you have to go into debt to enjoy yourself. There’s so many ways to make the most of summer without worrying about your finances, and I hope this helps you to do just that!

(Source: Independent.co.uk)


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