You think you’re not beautiful enough? Time to restart thinking.

This morning a desire surging in me was to watch some of the Miss Universe pageants. I accidentally watched the 1994 ceremony when Sushmita Sen of India became the Miss Universe. In the beginning, Sen was refusing the idea of submitting the contest form because she was afraid of competing against Aishwariya Rai who had won the Miss World Title. But Sushmita's mother told her it would be better coming back losing to the woman she thinks is the most beautiful than trying her chance where she thinks nobody better than her is competing. Whole of India knew that Aishwariya known to have the most beautiful looks would win. It didn't turn out to be like that. It came as a surprise that Sen aced it! She won the 1994 Miss Universe title.

General perception in our minds is that you either touch the sky or don’t try at all. Losing is backing out, out of a fear or a complex. If you’re going to be performing your best, you must give it a try.

India’s fairness in competition paid off. They picked Sushmita to represent the country internationally who in return brought fame and pride to her country. Being Miss Universe means being a global citizen. Throughout the history, Miss Universes have shown that beauty is a comprehensive perfection; package of intelligence, compassion, life and unbiased opinions. Such a woman is not too judgemental when it comes to religion or people.

You can’t try to copy others in terms of beauty or be so overwhelmed with somebody else’s beauty that you announce them better without looking at yourself positively. Self-esteem and admiration can be built without being on the socially perceived standards of beauty. The ability to think critically about these beauty standards can help you train your mind to notice what was once invisible. That’s the first step. We have control over what we go after, the choices we make and decisions we take. Remaining consistent in what we really want to pursue, evolving with time and giving yourself values will make you feel admired.

People, particularly women need to take direct control over their beauty attributes.  They can set some realistic and achievable goals for gaining physical and mental traits. Accentuate the characteristics that make them beautiful and don’t lose them. Focal point is that beautiful is being so bright that you’re sought after. Your  good conduct is keenly observed. On the other hand we must not forget respecting people who are not wonderful in our opinion. Grouches don’t always remain grouches forever. The confidence doesn't come by at once. It arrives with gradualism as they start observing some internal and external changes.

We have shaped women’s opinions into negative ones and set them off to chase an illusion. We’re making it worse for the next generation.  We've forgotten to encourage our young ones to make sense while picking role models.

A miss universe is a distinct figure.  She’s not beautiful alone or not necessarily on your standards of beauty but also has an assembly of qualities. She has a world opinion, is kind, vivacious, confident, brave and smart.  A woman representing every decade of life should learn to make a place for herself that nobody else can take instead of running after what’s unrealistic.

This post is dedicated to two of the brightest girls I've known Spogmay Sardar and Nadreen Khan.


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