The Vinyl Collector

Music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts are gathering for the UK's seventh annual Record Store Day on Saturday. Despite many predictions of the demise of vinyl, it has never looked like disappearing. But who's still buying?
Here are some groups who still shop for vinyl!
The Nostalgic Collector

Sonja Bredgaard is a school librarian, blogger, and journalist. She says that she has a passion for all things vintage, retro and kitsch.
"These days I'm into the rockabilly scene which is what has inspired me to start collecting again - seeing all the fantastic rockin' DJs at clubs playing original vinyl.
"My favourites are blues boppers, skiffle and hillbilly, as well as good old rock'n'roll.
The new buyer
Tom Kangro is an architect from east London, born in Kent. He has collected music on CDs for over 20 years and bought his first record player in January this year. Kangro is limited to two vinyl purchases a month by his fiancee - so his collection doesn't take over their house.
"I have a grand total of 10 records. I've got lots of CDs, it's not like I'm new to collecting music it's just that now I'm into vinyl.
"I like the fact there are a lot of new releases and I'm an architect and I'm interested in the visual design and artwork side of it.
The audiophile and label boss

Darrel Sheinman is the owner of Gearbox records, a British jazz independent label, which releases vinyl limited editions of remastered, and often rare or previously unreleased, recordings. Everything in Sheinman's studio is analogue. His Blue Note record collection is many hundreds strong.
"We are a vinyl-led record label. However, although we are about evangelising about vinyl, we are not saying that digital is rubbish. It has it's place, it's portable and gives a wide introduction to lots of genres through streaming sites. Vinyl is ritualistic in a good way. People say it's just for their granddads but that's rubbish. There are new bands who bring a love of vinyl across genres and ages."
The young enthusiast
ake, 16, from Londonderry, proclaims his love of records via Twitter. Unlike many of his peers, he's shunned streaming and digital in favour of vinyl.
"I've been collecting vinyl for a year now and I think it is the best format. I purchased CDs and downloads before, but they do not compare to vinyl. The sound quality and the feel is so much better and more rewarding.


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