Hot Mess Alert! Zosia Mamet in Goodwill Bargain Bin Confusion

Shoshanna would burst into a fit of a thousand omg's and wtf's if she saw Zosia Mamet in this look.

We realize the HBO star is nothing like her TV counterpart, but she might want to take a cue or twenty from the show's wardrobe closet. Apparently, left to her own devices, the New York native ends up shopping at a thrift store for a costume fit for six totally schizophrenic events!

We're sorry to say that the only slightly cool component of this set is the scarlet leather jacket. It had a very Johnny Depp feel, and the shape is nice and slouchy. But those red and white patterned pants: way too much! The giant black top: not adding anything. Dirty ankle boots: we know this Glamour columnist can afford a new pair. And that hat...oh that hat... We're better off not commenting.

We know that this free spirit knows good style. We've seen her stun on the red carpet! Apparently this is an example of her taking a day off, from life.


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