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IN 2012  something funny happened when Italy voted.  Comedian Beppe Grillo won a very big role in the country's future.

In 2000,  Beppe Grillo stood on a stage with his  computer :  "I thought it would help me save paper, books, paper, trees, the Amazon, my God!" he wailed.

"And instead, I print, print everything>"

He ended the performance    -one of the stand up shows that made him famous   -by taking a   sledgehammer  to the computer. 
"I was still analog," he says

Beppe Grillo would not go digital until  2005, when he mat a reclusive Web entrepreneur named Glanroberto Casaleggio.  "He told me, 'Let's start the biggest blog in the world." 

I didn't know what a blog was."  recalls Grillo. Soon his blog ranked among the 10 most read blogs in the world. "I've gone from comedy to antipolitics, and now into politics, the real thing," says Grillo.

Be that a great fun, laughter and  performance,   -just see how  and where the future is unfolding in Technology and  > The Culture:

At CJ Group's  "4-D"  theaters, chairs have ticklers, machines  ooze fog, and technicians can deploy any of about  1000  scents that correspond to the action on the screen   -like the odor of burning rubber for car-chase scenes.

The technology gives consumers a can't get-it-at-home experience and gives theaters a way to upcharge. The  South Korean company plans to have atleast four U.S. locations.

At the University of California at San Diego, engineering professor  Sungho Jin is building  "smell-o-vision"  prototypes. His goal: a compact electronic TV accessory, like a set top box, that would emit thousands of scents in tandem-

With onscreen action  -like perfume samples during Channel commercials. One drawback  -scent cartridges have to be manually replaced.

The Japanese company  ChatPerf is trying to add scents to texts.  Its  $10 device plugs into a phone's jack and holds  $3  disposable  scent emitting cartridges.

A message sent through the company's app can trigger the device to release a selected odor  like cinnamon or peppermint. CEO Koki Tsubouchi says the product will hit Japanese stores with  20  aroma options.

Firms like  ScentAir  use smell in interactive promotions,  including a touchscreen display for McCormick that asked customers to  "guess that spice"  Scent marketers also try to   guide consumer behaviour  -for instance:

By releasing cookie aromas during an open intermission to drive concession sales. The industry has grown as technology has allowed for more customized and subtle ways to use scents.

San Francisco start-up  Adamant technologies is building smart phone accessories that can interpret odors. CEO Sam Khamis says that the first generation, which can detect:

Bad breath and gauge blood alcohol levels, should be out anytime. His ultimate goal is to turn phones into personal health monitors by using cues in our breath to determine metabolic rates, insulin levels and biomarkers for disease.

But all this may just be. The blunt truth it is hard to fool the nose and even harder to replicate what it can do. But the researchers and entrepreneurs are trying to crack smell's code-

Developing aromatic ways to enhance what we watch, what we buy, how we communicate and potentially how we monitor our health.

"The best is yet to come," says organic chemist George Preti, a specialist in human body odor. "We're just getting into it."

So for Dollars and Scents the next frontier is Gadgets.

With respectful dedication to all the Inventor Students, Professors and Teachers in the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

"' The Next Day "'

Good Night & God Bless!

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