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"' !WOW! > THE - $35 - PC < !WOW! "'

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When Professor Dr Larry Summers asked, Sheryl Sandberg, his-up-and coming special assistant at the Treasury Department, who else he should hire, she didn't hesitate: David Fischer.

David Fischer, after earning his MBA at  Stanford, became Sandberg's top deputy at  Google,  helping build a  4,000-employee and operations group.

When she left to become Facebook's COO, he first assumed her duties at Google, and then joined her at Facebook in 2010.

As Vice-President of   Business and  Partnerships,  helped turn a nascent ad business  into..................""  $5  Billion "".........  juggernaut.

Fischer has faced plenty of sceptics as he's worked to court major advertisers.

But his group's ability to devise effective campaigns for the likes of American Express and develop tools for advertisers to measure results has won Facebook an ever-growing number of converts.

I write all this: Because for the past few months, I have been researching and learning, "How to sell brands on Sam Daily Times."  

Now to the post:
"" THE RASPBERRY Pi ""  is a personal computer at its most, most Zen:

Motherboard, memory, connectors,.............and not much else. Named after the Lilliputian berry, the bare-bones Pi:

Is the brainchild of British chip architect Eben Upton, who was inspired to get cheap PCs  into the hands of would-be  programmers.

But the Pi, which is sold by  Upton's non-profit, has become a hit with do-it-yourself techies:

"It appears that we've gotten to a million units inside our first year,"  says Upton.

"It's staggering"

Let me tell you how it work: Upton and colleagues from the  "University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory kept cost in mind, designing a powerful but inexpensive computer.

Out of the box, the Pi can be hooked up to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and memory card  -to store data. An  Ethernet Port  connects it to the web. 

From there,  budding programmers  can start writing code in the widely used Python language.

On who is using it :  Though it was created to get the young interested in code, adults with engineering chops have flocked to the device. Users have jury-rigged the Pi into:

Voice-activated- garage-door openers, automated guitar tuners, even smart pet  feeders.

Ultimately,  Upton   hopes popularity with the public  will goad schools into bringing more of the devices into classrooms.

So For the competition : The Pi is the poster child for a renaissance in DIY computing akin to the PC  fairly of the  1980:

This eventually led to the development of the first Macintosh. The  Arduino computer, for example, is a less powerful competitor. Another single-board-computer  -dubbed the  BeagleBone   -packs more power but sells for about $90

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