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 One might conclude that the  tall, heavy browed Neanderthals among us   _think Jesse Ventura  

-Provided they are bilaterally symmetrical,  of course,  should have the pick then, of human beauty:

Ah, -ah, but here's where things go a bit tricky?!!

"You have to distinguish between short-term and long-term concerns  -that is between life and living,  suggests David Buss,  Ph.D, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas in Austin and a pioneer in the field of evolutionary psychology.

All, are not interested in looks  -it's just that many serious and balanced females,  (they)  are much more likely to consider character and personality as well.

"Most women are not about to make a lifetime commitment based on first impression of a guy's thick jaw or muscular neck alone,"  says University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Richard D. Alexander.

The underlying reason for this,  Alexander argues, stems from the fact that no other species on earth produces off-spring:

""So pathetically helpless and completely dependent on long-term parental care. Kid have always needed fathers who aren't deadbeats.""

Evolutionary forces have thus favoured a pragmatic coyness in women, predisposing them to choose a long-term mate who is not only capable of securing resources 

Think rich or at least headed that way.

But also willing to faithfully lavish these on his chosen partner and the off-spring from their union. For females, says  Buss, the  "Will he love me and leave me," conundrum is key.

"That's why women spend all this time talking to their friends  after a date, analysing facial expressions, relating verbatim what was said and going every nuance of behaviour.

"The mistakes are high : A mistaken judgement can easily result in single motherhood-  difficult today, but far more so throughout much of our hard scrabble evolution.

Guys, on the other hand, are faced with different and many dilemmas. Simply physical features are hardly the be all- and end all of male attractiveness. "These may turn out to be important qualities," concedes Alexander-

"But I think they're just the iceberg's tip. Look around you -the world is filled with symmetric individuals who are just not failures.

My face is asymmetric, one of my legs is shorter than the other. I'm left handed  -but I don't regard myself as a failure."

Alexander believes one of the most significant and attractive of all   "signalling systems"  has nothing to do with looks:

"Someone once asked coeds of both sexes what they found highly attractive in the opposite sex." he explains, "and the one consistently accepted response was a sense of humour. I think this is so important because it implies:

 A whole range of related traits,  from social perspicacity and empathy to a good healthy view of oneself."

The male sociability and capacity for  humour may, in some sense, count as much as anything else in attracting females is a bracing concept.

Frankly, It takes a lifetime to mull. Yes, mull all this over and over again. Because when it comes to Freud's famous query, I'm convinced the problem lies not in the elusiveness of an answer-

But in the flawed nature of the question. There's no such thing as "what women want,"  because when it comes to men, individual women are attracted to a host of different things.

Average looking guys like me, take heart. Be indefatigable in your search and eventually you'll find someone who considers your unique collection of attributes as perfect.

Yes, yes,  just like me,  -just be assured, that  the prevailing winds do blow for the mediocrity.

Hey,  hey, just believe that  and  Your splintered ego may just mend.

One wise mentor recalls : "that one women summed up what she found attractive in him, with a succinct  ""NOTHING"".  .

Hahaha!  Be assured that this post will continue, once a while!

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