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VIOLENCE ?!!! "'

As to why gun criminals are getting younger, DI Tyler admits the picture is unclear.

"Some of the suppositions are that in the past gangster-type families like the Krays exerted informal policing. Young people wouldn't have access to guns.

Another argument is that a lot of Trident criminals have been put away for a long time."

Trident also engage with schools and pupil referral units to raise awareness of gun criminality. That includes challenging the wisely held belief in the inner-cities that guns are being supplied by the  "Government to undermine communities".

"It's bizarre in the extreme," DI Tyler acknowledges of this common assumption, "but it's a held belief and one we have to challenge."

Similarly, while the mass brawl involving knives, guns, dogs and  samurai swords, such as happened in Kennington Park on 8 June, 2006, when Alex "Tiny Allen" Malumba Komondo was knifed to death, are only too real:

And not every teenage murder is gang related, nor is every gang actually a gang. Even the Met itself doesn't have a concrete definition of what a gang actually is. And Delroy Thomas and DI Steve Tyler both agree with the:

Youth Justice Board publication which urged against  "giving an exaggerated impression of the prevalence of gangs."

"We should be wary of using the terminology of  'gangs', says DI Tyler. "From my experience, they're not as formalised and structured, I prefer 'groups' - usually it's a group from one estate who don't get on with another estate."

Tyler adds that 60 per cent of Trident Shootings  take place in their home boroughs, "The gunman have been born and brought up there and tends to shoot other people there>''

Meanwhile, most  "gangs"  are simply bunches of friends, says Delroy Thomas, "For example Acre Lane Campaign,"  he says, "I live on Acre Lane -in Brixton-. These young lads just have a name. One or two of them are thieves, but the main group go to school or college.

Because they come from Acre Lane, they become ALC. Bu it's not a gang. It's a group of young people."

Thomas estimates that only around eight south London gangs are "effective" in making money and establishing systems. Typically, they comprise a minority of central criminal figures, around which coalesce hangers-on.

Sometimes they become members under duress. Two gangs in particular are notorious in Lambeth and thought to be responsible  for "six months of terror" in 2007: PDC (Poverty Driven Children) and  SMS (South Man Syndicate).

And yet, periodic waves of teenage violence are not new. "You could say it was ever this," says the author Jon Savage, whose new study of modern adolescence,  Teenage,  includes example of:

Extreme adolescent  thuggery  dating all the way back to 1875.

Savage argues that amid the complexity of causes behind the current conflict, one element is hard to quantify but impossible to avoid.

^During WW1 and WWII  Britain experienced spikes in juvenile delinquency and violence.

"People forget we are at war because it's abstract and miles away," he says. "But it makes a difference. If the top people in the society are saying force is right, the message trickles down.

!!! As teenagers enter society they pick out on the messages a society is giving them. The message today is  that you sort problems out by steaming in using maximum firepower."

"War is what we see," says J-Hero, a rapper from Tim Brown's Raw Materials group.

"It's in us, and it's shaping our future. We may vote against war, but they're still gonna  do it if they want to. So you think, well, the whole place is just war anyway." Or as:

Marcia, 18, a female former gang member, puts is,  ""the government promotes violence. They fight with the colour on the flags, the gangs are fighting with the colours on their bandanas.!!! ""

It's all territory. Who are we meant to look up to??!" 

Analysing events through the filter of pop culture routinely leads commentators to argue that the teenage violence has its roots in other dimensions of Americanism:

In particular the martyrdom narratives of rappers such as Biggie Smalls and Tupac, or bleakly polarised  Get Rich  OR   Die Tryn'  message of  50cents.

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