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"' OF THESE MEN -SIRE ! :~~: 


They killed Kevin Johnson. He was 22 years old, at home in Sunderland with his seven-month old baby son trying to sleep in his cot. It was early hours of the morning.

And down on the street, outside Kevin's front door, a gang of lads was getting very loud. Keven Jonson could have put a pillow over his head.

He could have tried to soothe his son. He could have done nothing.

That would have been the easiest thing to do. But Kevin went out into the street and told the little gang  -there were three of them-  to keep the noise down.

Then they stabbed him to death. And little angel Chase Johnson will grow up without a father because Kevin refused to take the soft, sensible option.

No doubt Chase will be proud of his father one day. Even if he will never remember him.

Entitlement  -that's the great curse of our age. "" Every damn scabby little Yob thinks he has the right to whatever he wants at whatever volume he wants.

Nobody seems to feel any responsibility to the wider community.

And that's what it comes down to when you tell some little gang to cut it out. You are saying, "I am here too. I have rights too."

"'A crazy thing to say in this day and age."'

In  Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger's character Ennis is at a fourth of July party with his wife and daughter when a couple of bikers start making a loud comparative study of  " psychobabble nonsense" in Montana and Wyoming:

"Let's move, Ennis, let's just move," says Heath Ledger's wife, Alma, but Ennis is  a  man and not a mouse-

 And he quietly and politely asks the two drunken bikers to  "keep it down -I got two little girls here."

They don't just ignore him. They start loudly speculating about the last time Ennis had sex with his missus. They provoke him.

They are unrepentant in their obscenities. They can't get past their utterings of filth. And they tell him if he doesn't like it, then go somewhere else.

Ennis goes wild. He kicks the first biker full in the face, knocking him out cold, and offers to put the other one's teeth in his digestive system. The conscious backs away, dragging his bloodied pal with him.

And what makes the scene a work of genius is that Ennis' wife and children are not grateful. Far from it.

They are appalled at the violence that lurks inside the soft-spoken husband and devoted father. As several families pick up their blankets and move away   -as if Ennis is the threat to civilization, rather than the bikers-

His children whimper and hide, and his wife stares as if seeing him for the first time.

In my experience, that's what it is like. When yobs swear, it is easy to end up looking like the bad guy.

It is very easy to have your wife and child staring at you as they have suddenly realised that you are a gay cowboy.

This is how it was. We were in a restaurant. At the next table were three teenage lads probably not so different to me and my mates at that age  -although I don't recall sitting around in family restaurants in my teens.

And they were discussing the sister of one of the lads. "A right little slag," apparently. "She was ready to give him a jump."

Gesturing at one of the group, presumably not her brother, though you never know.

I listened to this stuff for about five minutes, as my wife pretended to study the menu and our daughter crayoned in her  My Little Pony workbook.

Then I told them to shut the hell up. And I told them that I was only going to give them just one damn warning.

And red-faced with rage,  ludicrously  holding a knife and fork in my hand, as though I might eat them alive:

I pointed at my daughter and said that she wasn't going to this dart emitting  filth sputtering from their dirty minds and souls!!!

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