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Two years ago,  Rabo and her female cousin, student  Anum , on the way back home from a Samurai meeting, -found the cab yob,  getting fancy.

He was soon to learn a lesson of a lifetime.

Last year, in a park run in Islamabad, Ehsan Khalil found a girl being harassed and an incipient assault setting in.

True to his worth, he extricated the girl to safety and taught the tormentor yob,  a special lesson:

With these two incidents in mind, I get to the subject matter: 

SONNER or later you will be in a situation. It may not happen for ten years. It could happen tonight. But be assured it is coming  -be sure of that!

And when it arrives you will have the choice between the only two buttons that really matter on your  biological dashboard:

Fight or Flight!?

You might be in a bar. You may be in a restaurant. It could be at the end of your road or it could be anywhere. You might be standing outside your home. But the location doesn't really matter.

This is how it will be  -you will be confronted inappropriate behaviour that intrudes upon you or those you love.

Effing and blinding and talk of rubbish or a graphically sexual nature. You know the kind of a thing. And, in an instant, you'll have to decide :

Do I say something? Or do I say nothing.

You will not be alone. You will be in company  -with your friends, or your family -and in many ways, people who look to you to protect them from the worst of this world.

And there will be a cackling mob of pimply cavemen, every other gormless word of horrible and dirty expletives, talking about bitches, and sneering adjectives, and easy birds.

They will bring their world into your  world and you will have to decide   -in a terrifying instant-  what to do. Even if what you do is nothing.

You can killed for saying something. For a mild rebuke, you can get the death sentence, effectively immediately. Men die for speaking up. But these lads are loud  -too loud to be ignored:

By you, or your company, or your family. Do you want your family to listen to this stuff. Or do you risk making them  -see you get killed.

Yobs are so touchy these days. the world over. Yobs are more sensitive than they ever been in yob history. They react to mildest rebuke with murderous rage.

The average hoodie is touchy beyond belief, his self-esteem so fragile that any criticism is guaranteed to explode into physical confrontation. And then one thing is certain  -reasoning with them just does not work.

Appealing to their better nature is just not practical  -they don't have one. If, when yobs swear, you tell them to turn down the volume, you better be prepared to go all the way:

Because they will be.

Context is everything. I don't advocate going around telling every-foul mouthed moron to shut his   ""filthy cake hole.""

It does not matter or bother me at all if I am at a football match and the bloke in the seat behind me is shouting  "filthy insults." I don't much care what anyone does if I am alone.

But if I am out with my friends, or family and it happens  -in a restaurant, in a park, in a hotel bar  -then that's different.

Nothing will keep me to keep my mouth shut. And it is nothing to do with bravery. I just can't accept  foul-mouthed  strangers entering say, my five year old daughter's world.

And I am very happy to kick, gouge and claw while rolling in the dirt to make my point. 

Stupid, really, I am not much good to anybody, if some  hoodie buries his blade in my heart. And what a waste, to lose your life because you asked a pathetic of pond scum   -and his mates:

Because they are invariably mob-handed  -to watch his dirty, filthy toilet mouth.

But there is nothing rational about the  "Flight-or-Fight"   mechanism. It is not as though you carefully weigh the options and then go with one or the other. The moment you make your decision is here and gone before you know it.

And suddenly you are either bowing your craven head because safety is the wisest course of action,  or your confronting a group of leering ruffians-

 "Because sometimes the stupid thing is also  just the right thing."

And then you ask yourself: Can I take them?  These  leering strangers  -will they put me in A&E, or the graveyard?  Almost certainly, all things considered, you can't take them. 

They are younger than you, and you are the one flying solo.

But what gets you through is that  -if you are mad enough to say something -you are inevitably a lot angrier than they are. You come out of nowhere, seething with rage, in their faces-

They haven't been  'trying'.....   to offend your family and friends  -and ready to rumble,  full of that righteous blood-pumping juice where you don't care what happens to you, and that often gets them back down and go away, despite their superior numbers.

If they don't kill you, that is.

Everyday,  -if not by the thousands, then definitely by the  hundreds, people get killed the world over. 

They killed  Kevin Johnson. He was 22 years old, at home In Sunderland with his seven-month-old baby son trying to sleep in his cot.

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