Drake Wears a Disguise and Interviews People About Himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—Watch Now!

What do people really think about Drake? What better person to find out, then well, Drake himself. Jimmy Kimmel Live! style, of course.

"You're in the public eye," Jimmy Kimmel said to the always charming rapper. "You know sometimes it's hard to figure out what people really think, because in person people are nice. 'Cause you could punch them in person."

"Yes, exactly," the 27-year-old said with a smile.

"But online, they're not nice because you can't," the late-night host told the former Degrassi star. "So, anyway, so today, Drake tried his hand at a version of Lie Witness News. We disguised you, we sent Drake out on Hollywood Boulevard to ask pedestrians what they think about Drake."
Cue the undercover makeover for the hysterical Fake Drake segment: a hairpiece, a beard, a blue dress shirt and some glasses.

"He says he came from the bottom, which most likely, he didn't," one oblivious guy said, clearly referencing Drake's smash hit.

"Very true," Drake admitted, with a perfect straight face.

"He's a good guy," the guy added.


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