Don’t let Mondays crush you…

We are all kids at heart

Monday can be the toughest day of the week, especially when you aren’t so thrilled with your job.
Mondays can be tough when you have had a fun family weekend.
Monday’s are notoriously busy, and it seems like they last a lot longer than other days. They seem to have a lot of catch up from the weekend. They have a weekly meetings that are hard to sit through. The boss tends to be fired up and ready, but you're not. They just have a reputation of being a bad day. Even when someone loves their job, Monday’s can be challenging.
So what do you do?
Here are some tips…
1. Come to work with the idea of impacting one person.
Don’t make it 10 people. That would be too many, and Mondays truly are busy, so just pick one person. On the Friday before, put a person on your mind that you know needs some help, and put a plan in place to help them. It can be anything you like - small or big - but you must be helping them with something that improves them, and not you. This is the key. You aren’t really helping them, if you have an ulterior motive of helping yourself.
People Principle - Putting others first always takes your burdens away.
Right now - Who can you impact?
2. Come to work with the idea of having a different meeting.
If you lead the meeting, switch it up this week. Break the routine and do something that catches everyone off guard. Change the order of the meeting. Bring in donuts. Go over something different than the standard numbers. Share a motivational video. Put a word on the white board and ask folks to tell the group what that makes them think about. Use a story about someone in history that will motivate. Share a quick weekend story. Have show and tell - seriously - this will go over better than you think - we are all kids at heart.
People Principle - Being different is like taking a vacation sometimes.
Right now - What different thing can you do?
3. Come to work with the idea of having an attitude of gratitude.
Think ahead of 5 people to thank. Think about some specifics that they have done for you or the company, and talk to them about what they have done. Don’t make it a short thank you - spend a few minutes discussing what they have done and how they have helped you personally or the company’s progress (the personal thank-you’s usually have more impact). If you thank more, that’s okay, but put 5 down on a list right now.
People Principle - Being grateful impacts your day like nothing else.
Right now - Who can you thank?
Since today was Monday, at least do something on this list, and then plan for next week, so you can impact those around you in greater ways.
Life is too short to let Monday’s crush you!
What else would you add to this list?
Make it a great day!!


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