Benghazi University reopens in the final days of city-wide strike

Benghazi University opened its doors to students today as lectures resumed for the first time since the beginning of the city’s general strike eight days ago.
A member of the university’s students’ union, who did not wish to be identified, told the Libya Herald that classes had restarted because students were going to have to make up for time missed during the strike last Ramadan and it was best this was kept to a minimum.
Attendance at the university today was marked by absences both of staff and students. Yesterday one department told its students it would not be holding classes over security concerns but then reversed the decision today.
With two days left of the ten-day strike most local businesses in Benghazi are open and traffic has returned to normal. The most notable remaining closure is of schools.
A week ago a bomb exploded at Fatima Al-Zarh High School for Girls in the Sabri district, allegedly because it remained open at the beginning of the strike. Yesterday Benghazi’s education authorities said end of year exams at state schools would not be postponed for time missed and classes were expected to resume when the strike ends on Wednesday.


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