April Fool Prank Goes Wrong in Virginia College

South Carolina, USA : A woman in South Carolina pulled an April Fools’ Day prank that no one found funny.

According to WYFF, Angela Timmons, 54, was charged after she sent a text message to her daughter saying there was a possible shooting at Virginia College in South Carolina, where she works.

Her daughter called 911 and deputies swarmed the campus.

Sheriff Chuck Wright with the Spartanburg Co. South Carolina Sheriff’s Office told WYFF, “Let me warn you, that is not funny, you know, calling-calling somebody and telling them you lost your favorite coffee cup or something dumb like that is fine.

But you know don’t call in nothing that would make the first respondents everywhere in the county come over here because I’m thinking on the way over here, I’m thinking Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech. And the list goes on.”


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