The faculty of Sana’a University’s College of Science ended its strike on Tuesday but threatened to strike again if the university did not meet the faculty’s demands. The faculty went on strike Saturday to demand more resources for the department.

“We received word that classes were to resume today and most students attended classes,” according to Saddam Ahmed, a student at the college. 

“We only resumed [our lectures] so far and are waiting for the university to meet our demands to resume [laboratory courses]. The more time that passes, the larger affect this has on our studies,” he said.  The poor state of funding for laboratories was a major reason behind the strike, according to students and faculty.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hisham Sharaf met with the rector of Sana’a University Abdulhakeem Al-Sharjabi on Monday to discuss the situation and find a resolution, according to the state-run September 26 news website. 

The university rector pledged to provide urgent maintenance for the labs at the college and to begin to meet other demands, according to the website.

“Many of the faculty members attended [the meeting] and resumed teaching on Wednesday,” Ahmed said.

 Hatima Al-Haboob, a professor at the college, told the Yemen Times that the faculty only resumed lectures this week.  

“We resumed teaching the theoretical courses and are still waiting for the university to provide us with the needed materials for [laboratory training]. Unless the university officials meet their promises, we will go on strike on Thursday,” Al-Haboob said.

The College of Science includes life sciences, geology, chemistry, physics and mathematics departments. 

“The university leadership promised to provide the needed materials for labs, more computers, and to equip the college’s library. [We have called off the strike] and are waiting to see if this will happen or not,” said Al-Haboob.


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