Do The Right and Fear None

Photo Contribution : Huzaifa Shoaib
Fears of any sort are conducive to erratic behaviours. A common occurrence that individuals settle for unhealthy relationships can be best explained by the underlying fear of being alone forever. The fear of losing a best friend or partner makes people do injustice to others. Incurring the wrath of a parent is a fear that keeps us from speaking the truth. Speaking against a bad norm can make a person the odd one out. They conform.

I used to fear aggressively mean people a lot. Think of the people who don’t fear the negative people coming into their life. Their ability to get right back up after rejection or failure determines how successful they become. Many of the happy and successful people you know didn't make it without bumping into bad people in their life. What mattered was how they dealt with it. How they quickly got back to normal after an unpleasant experience. Ditch the fear of people, not people.

To me, fear is the worst emotion. You need not slouch if you’re taller than others. Do not apologize with your body language. Take the room you fill.  If people don’t lose their perspective, they will never fail. When they are working, the worst that can happen by doing the right thing is their getting fired. If they know then that they need to go through it to be something better, they would have seen it for what it is: an inevitable event for a success. Their courage and values form into a powerful punch. This strength doesn't come to everyone though. If nobody hates you, that means you don’t say anything at all.

Imagine what it will be like flexing your fearlessness. What will be the life like celebrating moments of courage; responding with resilience and strength in the face of concurrent crisis; doing the right and fearing none?

There are people who end up wishing that there was something they could do, repenting that they hadn't gone against the wind to do something they loved. Their biggest regret remains that they did not go after their dreams. Fear held them back. Had they made their own choice, they wouldn't have lived a shorter length of time than they have now. If risks scare you, they keep you from pursuing thing in life. It happens in part because of the way they are raised which generates the fear what people might think about them. They keep sitting on the fence, watching their dreams pass them by.

The people who have the habit of doing the right things have no fear of other people. Our generation has been brought up under the wings of paranoid parents. Individuals have been taught to fear the world and to see everyone with a doubtful eye. Over-protection hasn't saved kids from mishaps. But let’s count those events as an exception. There were days when kids played without an orgy of supervision over them. Kids have more protection today. We don't want to see them standing up for something right. If we are preparing a fearful generation, we should also stop hoping for a world of justice.

This post is dedicated to my junior Aroob Bukhari and batch-mate Asma Javed. 


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