Protestors show solidarity for Ukranian struggles

Oxford students protest against human rights violations in violence-rocked Ukraine

Ukrainian students protested Saturday near the Bodleian library to show solidarity for anti-government demonstrations at home.
Olena Seminog, a second year DPhil student in Population Health, coordinated the action and explained what prompted the demonstration. She told Cherwell, “On Wednesday 22nd of January, the Ukrainian police killed three people and about 100 people have been kidnapped since. We are witnessing severe human rights violations and want Oxford students to be aware of this”.
As well as raising awareness, the protests were meant to show moral support for students back home. “Our aim is to show our indignation against the anti-constitutional laws that have permitted such violence,” Seminog said, adding that the protest was “most of all, a clear sign that we want those responsible for these laws, President Yanukovych and the interior minister Zaharchenko, to resign”.
Another protest is due to take place on Saturday 1st February at noon outside the Bodleian.


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