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ON THE pavements around  Parque Da Luz in   Sao Paulo's old-city centre, skeletal rag-covered figures loll:

This is the heart of the district known as Cracolandia   "" Crackland ""  a few dozen streets used since  1990s  as an open-air crack den.

As addicts moved in, law-abiding businesses and residents fled. Those who remain pay rock-bottom rents,  pull down their shutters at 6pm and stay in at night.

Sao Paulo's Cracolandia was Brazil's first and is still its biggest. It is home to thousands of addicts. But most Brazilian cities now have similar districts. Recent studies put the country's crack-using population at  1m-1.2m, the world's largest.

Universities,  -the world over- are by and large pretty bad at enrolling poor students,  but there are signs of improvement. Some now use a range of demographic data to target financial aid, outreach and, when needed, small preferences to those they feel need it most.

Pakistani Universities : LUMS, NUST, MAJU, IBA, RIPAH, IIUI..... stand as a reference example.

Admission staff need to understand  "the world over"  that the constrained lives of poor students -with summer jobs?!  rather than flashy unpaid internships, or with the care of younger siblings squeezing out after school activities, -can lead to less obviously interesting applications than those of richer students!!!

 So Science Professionals : Master's Education for a Competitive world is a great research work. Because for some time now there has been a shift from ''build it''  to  ''buy it'' models(outsourcing).

This transition alone has driven a significant evolution in the education system. The  key insights  is that service-level agreements matter as much as technical interface standards.

This change alone requires an integration of engineering, business models, and social sciences. One outcome of this trend is dialog with educational institutions  on the need for a degree in  ''service science, management and engineering.''

This is a hybrid between computer science and business degrees. Cloud computing is driving the same issues.

So, Computation as a basic tools for other fields received a detailed attention -to begin with, in the area of life sciences. Modeling and analytics have become critical tools in biology, chemistry and medical research.

An important set of questions concerns how much computer science a biologist should know and how much biology a computer scientist should know. This then went on to raise a question as to whether there should be come form of hybrid degree.

Computing may be viewed as a natural science that is a basis to advocate teaching a view of biology in terms of computational processes. But this of course, went on to highlight the expanding business value in an instrumented world:

A significant amount of the initial benefit of IT was for back-office automation  -for example,  payroll and inventory. One argument is that much of the dot-com boom was a disruption form of back-office automation coupled with a Web presence  -for example, Amazon.

At the time, some pundits talked about the death of brick-mortar-businesses.

Applications that interact directly with elements of the real world such as location-aware-mobile phone applications,  intelligent highway-systems, and instrumented supply chains continue to emerge.

This may drive a major expansion in the requirements for multi-disciplinary education and the development of ''student teams''  collaborating on challenge-based projects that impact the real-world.

Moreover, the social-computing tools involving crowd-sourcing, used to address Grand Challenge improvement projects are evolving rapidly.

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