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As rich countries stagnate, they cease to be magnets for mobile hands and brains. Net migration from Mexico to the US has fallen roughly to zero.

In Spain, where more than half of young people are employed, the number emigrating each year to Latin America trebled in the five years to 2011. ''Necessity has`made them overcome the fear of moving abroad for work,'' says Juan Jose Ribas, a Spaniard.

In Portugal, where the economy shrank in four of the past five years, a generation of young Magellans has  set off seeking work. Brazil now admits more immigrant workers from Europe and the united States than from Latin America.

Remittances from Brazil to Portugal are greater than those from Portugal to Brazil, says the World Bank. The same is true between Mexico and Spain. 

Spaniards in Argentina send home more than $1 billion a year, four times the amount that flows in the other direction.

Those who move often find they can learn more and advance faster than they could have back home. ''Mexico is giving us an opportunity to grow professionally which would be hard to find in Europe,'' says Jorge Lainez, a young Ibizan.

Foreign firms are flocking to Latin America to service its new middle class. When starting up, most send expatriates to manage their operations French executives in Mexico are overseeing a new cosmetics industry:

Which includes the world's biggest hair-dye factory, opened recently by L'Oreal. And then just last year. Volkswagen inaugurated a big new engine plant to complement its gigantic car factory in Puebla.

Latin American firms are also snapping up immigrants. Manpower, a recruitment firm, says that 71% of Brazilian employers have difficulty filling jobs.

Brazil's expanding economy has created  12.5m new formal jobs in the past eight years, even though growth has slowed of late. Having expanded so suddenly, 

Brazil faces a shortage of people with experience, says Riccardo Barberis, an Italian who heads Manpower in Brazil.

Now back to the sad and depressing tale of Education in Pakistan through the ASER survey:

In the province of Punjab,  34% Class-V and  73% Class-III  students cannot read Urdu story text.

In the reading text of Class II level English sentences, Balochistan's 96.1% Class-III  and 71%  Class-V students FAILED.

In Sindh, Class-III and V's  91%  and 75% children, respectively, failed to read English sentences.

In Punjab, where many interventions have been made through the assistance of  foreign donors  agencies,  has shown far better results as its  62.1%  Class-V  and  25.2%  Class-III  students qualified the English sentences reading test.

As high as  60.4%  Grade-5  students in Gilgit Baltistan  and 39.3% students in the province of KPK showed their competence in reading English sentences.

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