Downton Abbey's Heartwarming Finale, The Walking Dead's Quest for the Cure and More OMG TV Moments

The Walking Dead: Finally! Tonight's all-new episode, "Claimed," was exactly the kind of fast-paced, high-drama hour that we've been waiting for. While Michonne and Carl were out searching for supplies, our machete-loving vixen finally came clean about her pre-apocalyptic life: Michonne had a three-year-old son named Andre Anthony. In addition to discovering that Adnre was a handful, we really got to see that Carl and Michonne have become close friends who depend on each other for support and smiles.

Back at the house, Rick woke up from a happy little nap to find that a gang full of intruders had invaded their space, and let's just say, they were not the most polite group of men. After hiding under a bed, and successfully killing one of the men who was going No. 2 in the bathroom, Rick managed to escape the house with a gun and scissors in hand. Now Michonne, Carl and Rick are enroot to Terminus. Yay! That's where baby Judtih is headed!

As for Glenn? Once he woke up from his passed out slumber, he and Tara discovered that Sgt. Abraham Ford was taking them along on his mission to Washington D.C. Hold onto your hats, TWD fans! Ford claims that his scientist associate knows what caused this zombie outbreak and is ready to save the world. But first, the gang are all going to help Glenn find Maggie because true love conquers all. (In actuality their truck broke, but we likes our reasoning better.)


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