Confined female student recovered from IIU hostel room

ISLAMABAD: A court bailiff raided hostel of International Islamic University (IIU) and recovered a female student, who was allegedly confined in a room.

According to the police, the university administration is innocent and that the female student had confined herself in the room.

Some female students of IIU had observed strike against the hostel administration after which it was reported that the university administration allegedly confined a student in the room.

The student said that three female students including her were thrown out of the hostel as they raised voice over the corruption of hostel administration, however, she added that they took stay order from the court after which the hostel administration allegedly locked the student in the room.

On the other hand, the university administration is of the view that the three female students were ousted from the hostel three months ago and the stay order of the students expired yesterday.

The rooms were cleared peacefully from the students but they broke the lock and kept their belongings in the room while one of them confined herself, the university administration claimed.


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