Lady Gaga Celebrates Carole King's Musical Impact

Legendary singer-songwriter Carole King was honored as the MusiCares Person Of The Year on Friday, January 24, two days before the Grammy Awards took place, and the event was overflowing with musicians and recording artists who came to perform at the gala event, and to honor the immense impact King's music has had on them.

Lady Gaga walked the red carpet, and stopped to talk to ET about how Carole King's music influenced her own, and the effect it had on her life.

Lady Gaga was just one of many talented artists who had the privilege of performing at the event. Amy Grant, Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, Kacey Musgraves and many others also sang in honor of King
"She is such a huge inspiration. I've been following her since I was in middle school," Said Lady Gaga. "I've talked a lot about how I was bullied in grade school, and I used to go down into the basement and lock the doors, and turn her up so loud. She made me feel like I had a friend. So I couldn't be more excited to be here, and I'm excited to sing for her."


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