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The Tories may have found their theme, but it is not changing how they govern. Obviously, changing governing models is complex and hard to execute.

The phrase's flexibility is another reason for its appeal: it means many thing to many politicians. Eurosceptics have picked up on its gently nationalistic overtones and its implicit encouragement to Britain to got it alone, unfettered by Brussels and the stumbling eurozone.

''We look at the European Union and we worry about Britain's ability to compete in the global race,'' says Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary.

Focus groups reportedly like the race idea, too- which is more than could be said for the Tories' previous message, a fuzzy vision of volunteerism called the  ''big society''.

By contrast, the race addresses a popular fear   -widespread in the West-  that globalisation has brought Britain less profit than pain. That fear is sharpened by the nation's jaded ambition to exert global influence and a suspicion that this is no longer truly possible.

Britain, its people are starting to fret, is too idle, insular and pampered to compete with the more tenacious, leaner powers of tomorrow

Let me now give you an example of my host country. Thousands by thousands students, and people from every walk of life, keep asking me one question:

''How should we shape our hopes as a means of healing our country -so divided and demoralised as it is?'' 

I now answer for !WOW! and do that for the first time:

Firstly, Pakistan is B-OK. Nothing grave, nothing much to fret about. Steady-as-she goes with small incremental changes here and there.

 Past, Progress was made, but it never came to full fruition. Pakistan has scarcity of great managerial capital and talent, and is weak in middle-management. Both not difficult to solve.

At the macro and philosophic level, The future of the world is great Education and Business. 

The leaders of Pakistan, must figure out how to spread the dignity and security of genuine ownership to the public. Mark my words : Widespread ownership is going to be the solution to almost any ill or shortcoming.

Pakistan should try to become a Nation of owners rather than just earners. That is a worthy ideal to achieve.

The people of Pakistan need to see wealth widely shared, as well as created. It is a priority now and should have been a priority from day one. Remember you need more than theory

When people get secure and have a real stake in the country, you get airborne. This applies to every country in the world. 

But rounding off this post, let me refer to Lord Haseltine, an off message Tory Grandee and businessman. He has brilliantly as always, and helpfully noted this:

''All these comparisons with China and India are ridiculous. I've just come back from India. You know why they've got to drive themselves? They've got real problems.''

This unique  -and honour post continues:
With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of South Korea. See Ya all !WOW!  -the World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless:

''' The Blazing Surprise '''

Good Night & God Bless!

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