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Being Tough, powerful and and staying stylish, isn't an easy combination to carry off, but the new  ''Vertu Ascent''  phone manages it with aplomb.

Every component has been engineered for strength and hi-tech metals and ceramics of a kind found on the Nasa space shuttle abound.

''I wanted Ascent to be influenced by power, by energy, by the precision of a beautiful engine,'' says Vertu principal designer Frank Nuovo. The sapphire crystal lens alone can withstand:

The heat from a blowtorch, while each model undergoes stringent free-fall and screen-impact tests.

Vertu's Fortress system is equally failsafe,  wirelessly backing up your data to ultra-secure servers located in an ex-military bunker in the UK, meaning your business will always be your business.

Add in Veru's legendary click-of-a-button concierge service and you have the ultimate tool to keep you connected   -in every way.

In addition to extreme technological advances, it's good to know that there are also some people who are still driven by exploring the outer limits of human endurance:

Testing their own abilities against their surroundings, and pushing their creative and entrepreneurial powers to the max.

That spirit of adventure is alive and thriving in three different men: explorer an climber Jake Meyer, an architect and model Pablo Abellan Villastrigo and entrepreneur and businessman Peter Leiman.

Jake Meyer succeeded in becoming the youngest Briton to climb Everest  -and then went on to become youngest man in the world to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents.

A Sandhurst educated army scholar who has been in the Territorial Army for seven years, Meyer subjected his body to the kind of temperature extremes mere mortals can only imagine. He says he feels most alive when he's dicing with death.

''As far as exhilarating moments go, my best has to be reaching the summit of Everest at the age of 21,'' he narrates.

''We had spent over two months preparing for the final summit assault; climbing up and down the mountain acclimatising our bodies to the extremes of the cold and lack of oxygen of the upper reaches of the mountain.

The summit was being battered by ferocious storms and winds, while we waited for a weather window.

When it eventually appeared, over a three-day period we made our dash for the summit. The summit day itself was 22 hours long, physically and mentally exhausting and required much more than I could have ever imagined.

After climbing through the night along knife-edge ridges, up sheer cliffs and stepping over the bodies of other, not so fortunate climbers, who had succumbed to  ''the death zone''  we eventually dragged ourselves onto the highest point on Earth.

''It was an incredible feeling to be the highest humans on the planet, and those few precious moments on the top, with the world at your feet, made all the pain and hardship worthwhile''.

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